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German language online tutors


Preparation for exams, business German, German for immigrants

Teaches in: Russian, English, German

Experience: 3 years


Preparation for exams, German for children, spoken German

Teaches in: Russian, German

Experience: 5 years


German for Beginners, EGE / VNO in German, Business German

Teaches in: Russian, Ukrainian, German

Experience: 3 years


Spoken German, preparation for moving, German for teens

Teaches in: Russian, English, German

Experience: 2 years


About tutors in SpeakStarter

6 arguments in favor of our tutors in the German language

Every online tutor in German is able to teach in high quality through Skype. Online lessons have their own specifics, and SpeakStarter specialists understand all the specifics of such a format of training.If you decide to learn German online on Skype, if you need a better tutor, and not a beginner, an unsure student, we give several arguments in favor of our school:

  1. Each of our tutors teaches all levels of German: from A1 to C2.This is evidence of a large knowledge base and sufficient professionalism.
  2. The selected teacher is ready to demonstrate his diploma and international certificate of passing the language exam.If you are trained by a professional.
  3. Every tutor is a confident practitioner.The German language for them is the language of live communication, and not a set of template educational programs (as is the case with teachers of schools and universities).
  4. Online teaching through Skype is conducted in accordance with modern methods, often with personal tutoring. Focus on spoken practice, the pronunciation of the pronunciation from the first lesson, listening and writing. Attention is paid to everything.
  5. There is a free first lesson. The selected German tutor will chat with you online on Skype, conduct language tests, give the first knowledge.This will make you comfortable with this teacher.
  6. All classes are held according to a clear plan, it can be individual (for personal lessons) or standardized (for group lessons) .In any case, the emphasis is on gradual development of skills, the transition from simple to complex, covering all the necessary moments.

By studying German via Skype at our school, you can be absolutely sure that you will receive only the practical knowledge necessary to achieve the result, and our Russian-speaking teachers will simply and easily explain complex topics in your native language.

What knowledge will a German tutor give me on Skype?

Your German language tutor is ready to help with all aspects of the training, in particular, there are individual and group programs, courses for children and adults, German from scratch, as well as deepening of knowledge to improve the level, general course and specialized business), and specific topics are also available (for example, preparing for the UPE in German via Skype.) All this knowledge can be obtained online, at convenient time, on suitable conditions for the student.

Learn German with a tutor online at our school:

  • convenient;
  • effective;
  • fast;
  • inexpensive.
Features of online lessons with a tutor via Skype

Each lecture is 60 minutes of active work with the teacher, the focus is on speaking practice with the development of new material, pronunciation, listening, grammar is provided for in homework: they are available after each lecture in the private office.

The German language tutor for Skype works with you until the goal is achieved.The number, duration, intensity of the classes are determined individually.We guarantee the result, the current correct knowledge, the absence of cramming and a professional approach to every our client.


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