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SpeakStarter Quick preparation for the TestDaF exam

High-quality online preparation for the exam DaF

Test DaF – an exam for people confidently fluent in German. The certificate gives the right to enroll in German universities that support this language standard (and there are quite a lot of them). In some cases, the DaF exam is passed to confirm language knowledge before an internship or work in Germany. The exam lasts 190 minutes without interruption. To compress it successfully and the first time, you need high-quality training. Speakstarter online school is ready to provide the necessary knowledge and prepare for the specifics of TestDaF.

Features of the DaF exam and why you need preparation

The exam consists of four parts, covering all aspects of language knowledge: reading, writing, listening and speaking:

  1. 60 minutes to read. Tasks involve several levels of difficulty. The first is the selection of newspaper ads on a given topic. The second is the choice of correct answers to questions after reading the text. The third – the most difficult task with the choice of correct statements after reading a certain text.
  2. 40 minutes DaF exam takes for listening. Here, too, there are tasks of different levels of complexity. The first is listening to a dialogue, the second is (most often) an interview with an educational expert, the third is a short scientific report. After listening to each option, you need to answer the questions in writing. There is one attempt to audition (exception is a report, two attempts are given to it).
  3. 65 minutes on the DaF exam are assigned to a letter (of which 5 minutes is for studying the task). When performing, not only punctuation with spelling is important, but also the ability to logically articulate the point of view.
  4. Half an hour is occupied by the speech unit, which involves seven tasks of different levels of complexity. The most elementary thing is to “call” and record in the university choir. The most difficult thing is to reasonably state an opinion on German policy in a given question. Preparation for the DaF exam involves the fact that a person will not have to speak with a teacher, but will recite the answer into a computer microphone.

At SpeakStarter, an online preparation for the DaF exam is available: a specialized course that allows you to obtain the necessary knowledge and psychological skills to solve all the tasks. We not only raise the level, we learn to understand the logic of the exam.

Features of assessment on the TestDaF exam

There is a special scale called TestDaF-Niveaustufe TDN). According to her:

  • Grade 3 is equal to the international language level B2;
  • 4 – C1 knowledge level;
  • 5 – the highest C2.

Preparation for the DaF exam will allow you to successfully solve all the tasks and get a high score. After that, the doors of most educational institutions in Germany will open before you. And the quality and affordability of German higher education is beyond doubt. Therefore, the price of preparing for the DaF Deutsch is an investment in a successful future.

Can a person with confident language knowledge pass the exam without preparation? Theoretically, yes, but from the first time, it is possible for units. The point is the specifics, the logic of individual tasks, the limitation of the time for execution. Even a confident person can become confused, and anxiety will do its job.

Therefore, we offer a complete online training course: a cycle of relatively inexpensive lessons based on your current level of knowledge. The teacher in the individual classes will be able to improve your skills, to conduct several trainings on the implementation of exam tasks. This is usually enough to successfully cope with the Test DaF exam on the first attempt. Sign up for the first lesson to determine your level and choose a teacher.

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