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Preparation for international exams

Preparation for international German exams

Are you planning to move, study or work in Germany, Austria or another German country? Online School Speakstarter will help you to prepare and pass exams in German language to successfully obtain a certificate. Take a course of lessons on Skype and get a real result. Experienced teachers teach from scratch or help to improve the level of knowledge available.

International German language exams

On-line courses are available to prepare for German exams of international level. In particular, you can prepare and pass through Skype:

  1. DAF (TestDaF) exam. is a confirmation of the level of knowledge corresponding to the international classification B2-C1. The certificate allows to study and engage in scientific activity in Germany. It is recognized by all German universities.
  2. TELC Exam. Certificate of a German non-profit organization. It is recognized by all speaking countries as part of the documentation in the registration of residence permit. Level A1 is sufficient. To obtain a spouse/relative visa, B1 – to formalize the citizenship. The C1 certificate allows you to study in almost any university in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  3. ÖSD Exam. Confirms the knowledge of the Austrian version of German. It must be surrendered in order to obtain citizenship, work or study in Austria. Covers levels from A1 to C2. The graduation is similar to the previous certificate.

International German Language exam: Intensive online training

We offer an online course of preparation for Deutsch exams: Individual lessons with the teacher or lessons in small groups (the teacher works simultaneously with 3-4 users). Courses can be general or intensive: you choose the speed at which you are comfortable getting knowledge.

We are preparing for a successful international exam. Our teachers know the German language at the highest level of C2. We know the structure of the exam, the logic of the questions and the requirements. Therefore, in addition to quality knowledge, you will get an understanding of the procedure and will not be afraid.

Take an effective course of preparation for German exams online-it is convenient, because you can practice anywhere and in any comfortable time period. The cost of learning is optimal – especially considering the benefits you will receive after successfully obtaining a language certificate. Invest your money and efforts in your future: We will help you to learn German at the right level.

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