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Preparation for the German ÖSD exam

ÖSD is the name of the European certificate of the German language and the exam of the same name. The ÖSD certification principle has been in effect since the 90s of the last century. It was founded by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education of Austria. Now more than 200 licensed centers work for the exam. Certificates recognize almost all government and other structures in Austria, Germany and other German-speaking countries. Preparing for the ÖSD exam requires working with an experienced teacher. At SpeakStarter school you can prepare well online.

Features of online training for the ÖSD exam

Distance training is a series of Skype classes in a personalized program, focused on the student’s basic knowledge, as well as the level to which he pretends during the ÖSD exam. The preparatory process includes:

Work on the tasks of the oral part of the exam (spontaneous reasoned answers to questions, work on errors, correction, working out the correct answers).
Practice execution of standard tasks of the written part of the ÖSD exam, analysis of mistakes, repetition and mastering of grammatical norms, expansion of vocabulary.
Work on listening and reading tasks specific to the ÖSD exam. Includes the execution of tasks in the format as they are given on the exam, preparation, correction of errors.

If the teacher notices that the language level of the student does not meet the stated goals, he may advise to begin to complete a general German course. This will allow to fully master the vocabulary and grammar, to develop a complex of necessary skills – and then get acquainted with the exam specifics.

How is the preparation for the ÖSD exam?

Full training for the German ÖSD exam is carried out via Skype, at a convenient time for the student, with a comfortable intensity of training. The theoretical and practical part, the training of reading and listening skills is conducted in the format of an online video call. Written assignments are available through your personal account: they can also be submitted online. The duration of the preparatory course becomes clear after a free trial lesson. On it, the teacher determines the level, preparing for the preparation of a personalized program.

What does the ÖSD exam give?

Depending on the level, the ÖSD exam certificate allows you to study, work and leave for permanent residence in Austria, Germany or Switzerland. The level is determined by the pan-European system: from A1 to C2. Here are some examples:

  1. A1 – work in an international company, indirectly related to the German language, obtaining a “visa of the bride”, leaving for permanent residence under the family reunification program, children’s educational trip;
  2. A2 – work in the service sector;
  3. B1 – studying at a college at the university, obtaining citizenship;
  4. B2 – studying at university, working as a doctor, teacher, obtaining citizenship;
  5. C1 – university studies, skilled work;
  6. C2 – the highest level, opening all possibilities. Language knowledge at carrier level.

The benefits of online training

Even if you are fluent in German, it is not recommended to take the ÖSD exam without preparation. Each test has its own specifics. Ignorance of the subtleties of examination and excitement will not benefit the person. The result is wasted time and money.

If your schedule is tight, if there are no quality ÖSD preparation courses in your city, online training will be the solution. Comfortable conditions, personal schedule, personal program, experienced modern tutor, who knows the specifics of ÖSD – the key benefits of training. Having obtained knowledge and skills, it will be easier to pass the exam from the first time, having obtained the desired qualification level.

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