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Why do you need to learn German: 8 objective reasons

Everyone knows why it is necessary to learn German: someone is going to build a career, someone needs it to study, and someone is going to move and apply for citizenship. Even a personal journey to Germany can be a reason for learning a language. But if you need additional motivation – let’s consider why teaching German to modern man.
Language is easy to learn

Working with a teacher, you can supplement the knowledge yourself. The main thing is to study the sound system in order to understand how the written words are pronounced. The study of this language is similar to the designer: if you understand its details and their purpose, further development will not bring problems.
In the first place among European languages

This language is spoken by the largest number of people in the European part of the continent. Is it hard to believe? But after all, more than 80 million people live in Germany alone. Plus, German is the state for the population of Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland. And this language is spoken by numerous communities living in northern Italy, eastern France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic, Denmark and Romania.

Why learn? The main reason – 120 million potential interlocutors around the world. And we are talking only about the media. And then there are a lot of people learning the language as a second. If we talk about the overall ranking, German is the second most popular in Europe (after English).
Germany has a strong economy

This country is the strongest in the European Union, and even the United States is ahead of the financial volume of world exports. Everyone knows the expression “German quality”, which is inevitably associated with products from this country. Hence, business prosperity and stable annual growth of the economy. As a conclusion – in Germany there is always decent paid work. But it is available only to people who have the appropriate language certificate. Another reason to learn German.
Affordable education

Germany remains one of the few countries that have preserved conditional-free education in universities. Indeed, in many universities it is enough just to pay a fee of 200-400 euro / semester in order to get the right to study, a travel card in public transport, a number of benefits. You do not need to pass exams for admission: it is enough to have good marks in the certificate and a language certificate (and here is the reason to start learning German). More than 10% of the total number of students in Germany are foreigners.
Business development

The reason for learning German is doing business with partners from Germany. This country provides many opportunities for the successful development of commercial relations. Its multinational companies are actively conquering markets and are interested in experienced partners. Learning German is a significant plus that allows you to negotiate directly. In addition, businessmen have a positive attitude towards German-speaking partners.
A lot of information

And it is not only about well-known German media. Germany is the owner of the most popular top-level domain in Europe .de. It is on the continent ahead of only the global .com domain. What does it mean? That number of German sites with diverse content has hundreds of thousands. Among them are many educational, informational, entertainment, and scientific portals. Learning German will allow access to this data.
A lot of books

In Germany, more than 80 thousand books are published annually. Literature in German in terms of market coverage is in third place. She is only ahead of books in English and Chinese. The reason for learning a language is to touch this book variety and valuable information. By the way, only one tenth of these books are published in other languages. So the products are available exclusively to German readers.
Germany motivates students and scholars

Another reason to learn German is that Germans are actively funding research and educational programs, attracting talented students and scientists. To get the right to study in Germany or to deserve funding for your own scientific project, you must confidently own German. Learning a language will open up many possibilities: the Germans are extremely interested in “bright heads”.

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