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Why do I need a German tutor?

German Tutor – the guarantor of your useful knowledge

Classes with a tutor are always more effective than group ones. The advent of the opportunity to study online allows you to find the best teachers without any restrictions – even if they live in another country. This is especially important if you need a German language tutor: now it is realistic to take lessons from a specialist who lives in Germany and who has actual knowledge and pronunciation.

There are several situations where the support of a private teacher will be most effective

Experienced tutors of the German language will help if you need:


  1. improve knowledge of certain topics. For example, if in knowledge there is a “gap” or there is not enough vocabulary in one of the “narrow” topics;
  2. prepare for the exam. Sometimes even a good knowledge of German does not allow a person to pass an exam with high results. The task of the tutor is to update the knowledge and introduce the structure of examination tasks;
  3. Improve school knowledge, prepare for testing and testing. The principle of the general education system leaves many gaps in knowledge that need to be filled; • prepare for a business conversation (interview, negotiations). 

    Tutor in the German language will teach you to talk confidently, not to allow typical mistakes.

3 reasons to study with a German tutor

Individual language classes with a teacher are:


  • The program of classes, built on the features of your knowledge, memory, purpose of learning the language.
  • No boundaries and conditions – thanks to online technologies, the tutor teaches the German language, geographically being anywhere. You too can study at home or on the way to work.
  • Flexible schedule. There is no strict attachment to the time of the training – so you do not have to miss anything. 

Tutor German online – choose the right teacher!

School SpeakStarter offers the most convenient conditions: you can choose which tutor will teach you the German language. All our teachers are specialists using modern techniques and simply pleasant people in communication. They will provide the knowledge that is appropriate for your learning goal – while you do not have to waste time attending courses or taking a teacher at home. Sufficiently stable Internet and the desire to gain skills.

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