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Why do Germans hate Russians?


To be honest, this is not entirely true, but the results of an entertaining study, which we stumbled upon, prove the existence of some discrimination by the Germans towards people from the countries of the former USSR.

The essence of the research is that packages of documents from fake personalities were sent to various vacancies. All the questionnaires indicated the same age, qualification and country of origin – Germany. But some people had migrant roots, which were expressed in characteristic appearance (Asians, blacks, whites), names pointing to foreign origin, and different native languages.
Professional qualifications

The point is to check whether potential employers pay attention to skin color, “strange” names and origins. Notice once again that fictional candidates are not migrants. All of them were born in Germany and have German citizenship. If they were stateless migrants, it would not be discrimination, but only the reluctance of extra paperwork to get a foreigner to work.

The results showed that people with roots from North America, Eastern and Western Europe and Asia are invited to interview as often as the Germans. But applicants with Russian roots were in the group with those whose parents came from Africa and the Middle East and Latin America.

And we have prepared something interesting for you!

What religion does the population of the main German-speaking countries profess

Germany, Austria and Switzerland?

The constitution of each of these countries enshrines religious freedom and freedom of conscience. That is, people have the right not only to choose any of the religions, but also to be an atheist (this is called freedom of conscience).

You must admit that it is strange that the Japanese are considered culturally close to the Germans than the Russian speakers. With that, both were born and brought up in the German cultural environment.
Here we scared you. What to do next? How to avoid this discrimination?

Firstly, in certain areas like the hotel business, knowledge of foreign languages ​​will be only an advantage. In this area of ​​preference is almost imperceptible.
Secondly, what is more important, it is important to correctly complete the application. The fact is that mistakes by the native Germans will be perceived as a typo, and by people with migrant roots as poor language skills.

Literacy and adequacy are stronger than any prejudice. Moreover, in Germany, which is considered one of the most tolerant countries in the world with a minimum level of xenophobia.

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