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Why bicycles are popular in Germany


Bicycles have become such an important part of many European societies that they completely deserve a separate article. That is why we are now talking about why they are so popular in all German-speaking countries and how the life of a typical cyclist is organized.
How is the life of a typical cyclist organized?

Many Europeans ride bicycles, not because they do not have money for a car, and not because they so zealously protect the environment or want to live to be 100 years old. They ride bicycles because it is more comfortable and faster. It is possible that in the post-Soviet space it is not a pleasant activity to ride a bike through the pits along the broad avenues along which cars pass by you at a speed of more than 100 km / hour. But to overtake all the cars that slowly stretch along the single-lane roads of European cities is priceless, considering that you are driving along a level bicycle path where nothing threatens you. But the issues of health and ecology also concern people, not least.
Bicycles prefer simple and cheap.

Again, not because there is no money, just the scale of bicycle thefts in many large cities is difficult to overestimate. It is believed that a bicycle, the value of which exceeds at least several hundred euros, will not protect any lock.

Bicycle lanes exist on all roads where there are more than 2 lanes and on many single lanes. The movement of cyclists is regulated by separate traffic lights and road signs and each driver of the car attentively treats his two-wheeled neighbors. There are many written rules for cyclists. You must have a flashlight in front and behind, a bell, you have no right to ride with two headphones. You do not have the right to drive without both brakes (bad news for fans of a fixed hub) … but you have the right to ride without a helmet in Germany and must wear a helmet in Austria only if you are under 12 years old. The need to secure his head for the Germans is so obvious that it does not require special mention in the law. There are many rules that prohibit a zebra from moving, without dismounting from a bicycle, or driving on sidewalks. Drunk cyclist is considered as guilty as drunk auto driver. For violations, cyclists are often stopped and fined, as well as drivers.

Even travel does not take place without great. You have the right to take your gurney to almost all public transport and all long-distance transport. In Europe, a lot of cars with mounts for bicycles.
What to do if you are a mother of many children or a father and you need to constantly carry children to school and to courses?

Easy, this is all done on bikes too. Children constantly carry or in special chairs or wheelchairs, where you can even take a nap.


German is one of the most common in the world! If we talk about Europe, then 18% (!) Of all Europeans consider it their mother tongue, and this is the highest figure among dozens of different languages. For comparison, English and French consider only 13% and 12% of all Europeans to be their relatives.

Many who move to Germany, Austria or Switzerland are transplanted on bicycles, even though they would not have thought to ride them in their homeland. Maybe you will also like this alternative?

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