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Why are there no stray animals in Germany?

Fun fact! There are no stray animals in Germany. Find out why

This is not because the Germans are so kind that they don’t throw annoying pets on the street. And not because the streets are so clean that they have nothing to live in cities.

A pet is a responsibility and the owners understand it. If someone wants to have a four-legged friend, he must pay a tax every year (150 euros for the first dog, 300 for the second). Separate breeds of dangerous dogs generally can not be kept as pets. For others, taxes are 650 euros and you are obliged to buy expensive insurance. Expelling animals to the street is a cruel treatment of them. For such a violation, the perpetrator faces a fine (25-30 thousand euros) or even imprisonment.

Given all the facts, we can assume that no one will start a four-legged friend to put him outside the door when he gets bored.
Germany is the first country to introduce animal protection into the constitution.

In the country are actively operating animal protection organizations. “Animal Rights” is a separate branch of law.

The main reason why the Germans break up with their pets is to move. In many homes it is forbidden to keep pets. This is always mentioned in the rental contract and this means that they cannot be maintained at all, because the guilty party will definitely know about this and will be held responsible for sure.

Interesting to know!

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If you can not contain, the animal must be voluntarily surrendered to a shelter, and not left at the station. Didn’t a faithful friend deserve to be settled in a cushy job? Well, or should do it in order to save 25 000 euro fine, which the owner will pay for the discarded pet. And it will be found in any case, because all of them must be marked by law (collar, tattoo, or microchip in the ear). Protection services will learn about the ill-treatment of complaints from third parties who are strongly encouraged. Departures on a place with checks occur constantly.
All animals unaccompanied by the owner are caught and sent to shelters where they are sterilized.

This is the most popular method of population control.

A modern orphanage is at the same time a club of dog / cat lovers, schools for dogs, veterinary clinics, pet therapy, a pet hotel, a pet shop, a zoo, etc. Such institutions are financed from the state budget and at the expense of voluntary donations.

Germany is one of the countries where animals are put to sleep if there is no owner. It is believed that a quiet death in a shelter is better – than a quick painful death on the street.

Remember that pets are a responsibility. In Germany, this is especially felt.

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