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Where to listen to live German?


SpeakStarter will tell you one secret: how to learn a language without doing anything. Every day you go somewhere by car/public transport/bike and maybe listen to music in your headphones. What if instead you listen to German podcasts (conversations on a specific topic, lectures, interviews, shows…)? It’s like learning the language in your dreams, but it’s not useless.

A selection of websites where you can listen to live German speech:


The first in our selection is the “Nachrichtenleicht” portal. In addition, you can just read the news and listen to it. Everything is written in simple and clear German. Each news has its own podcast, which you can listen to on the website or even download.


For those who have nowhere to rush, we offer “Slow German Podcasts”. The site contains podcasts for beginners and not only. In these programs we will talk about a variety of topics.

Deutsche Welle

Of course, Deutsche Welle has everything! And podcasts, among other things. Here you will find audio files grouped by themes and levels of German. You can listen to the podcasts online or download them for free from ITunes.


On the next site you will find a huge collection of podcasts in German. The site is called “Podcast.de”. Here you can enter a keyword or find the podcast you need in the “Categories” section. This site is not for students of German, so the vocabulary there will be a bit complicated.

We don’t give you an exhaustive list of sites, but rather share the way you learn the language and the links you can start with. From here you can find everything you want. Remember that you don’t have to understand 100% of everything you say, because the essence of listening to such conversations is not that, but listening to the Germans speaking, learning to perceive and understand the common message without understanding each word.

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