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What is the bottle deposit in Germany?


Let seiferrein Theme speak, which should be known to anyone who was in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. And if you do not know, it will be particularly interesting to know what is the bottle deposit in Germany or the pledge in Austria or the bottle deposit in Switzerland.

Diez concept means a small amount of money that every customer pays when they buy a product in a plastic box / glass bottle, a tin can for drinks or bottles in a plastic box. The buyer will receive this amount back if he returns the container to the store. This system encourages customers to independently transport the bottles to the delivery and processing locations. The goal is to reuse recycled materials for less environmental damage.

In every supermarket there are bottles to recycle and they are easy to use. A check, which then beats at the Kassel and less paid for your purchase (but no cash in cash gets). This practice has histories of political struggle and the struggle of the Greens (the so-called party, which campaigns for the protection of nature and the environment) against entrepreneurs. There are many features and types of bottles with a promise, here are some interesting facts on this topic: There is such a life hack to determine the most popular beer. If so, wouldnewheelin, solante, solante then find that is sold for most clogged bottles. This anklesnies came into contact, was worn away.

This means that this bottle has been recycled many times. This is exactly the beer that has won Audience Award in the region of this region. In Germany there is even the word “bottle collector” (“collect”) to refer to people who earn their living by collecting bottles. It is unlikely that the presence of such people will surprise the reader of our Russian-language article.

But you’ll be surprised that there are cases where people earned thousands of dollars and had to pay taxes! In the German-speaking Internet there are guides of the collector. They describe where and when you can get a good catch. The official collection of bottles is prohibited and punished (a person without demand takes what costs money). But that does not stop everyone and in fact people even invent special devices to get bottles out of closed containers! It is also accepted to leave bottles near an urn and not to throw it in, it is also a charity in a sense.

There are even public campaigns that bring these ideas to the masses. But the people who pick up the bottles are not necessarily desperate. Most will not despise picking up a 1.5-liter plastic bottle with a deposit value of € 0.4. It is also worth remembering that the amount as a “pledge” As a conclusion, we can recommend you how to do locally: Put the bottles in denz pocket, geeni

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