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What is forbidden in Germany?


SpeakStarter has brought you a short list of strange things that are prohibited by law in Germany:

  • Lamps (Glühbirnen). Yes, they have been banned since 2009. The solution is quite obvious. These lamps are very harmful to the environment. And among the advantages… and they are not at all.


  • It is forbidden to be an aggressor country in a war. Germany cannot start wars and attack someone first. The Germans forbade themselves (under pressure from the outside). From now on, they can only defend themselves.


  • Meat of dogs and cats (!). Not only is it forbidden to sell people food for hygienic and sanitary reasons, but it is also forbidden to slaughter these two animals. So you don’t have to worry when you buy shawarma in a stall. The ban, by the way, has been in force only since 2010. Apparently, there were reasons to ban…


  • “Hitler Salut” is “Hitler’s greeting.” This is quite obvious. But it’s a real law, a crime involves punishment. You can’t say here that someone “just made a joke. The German guardians of the law will not laugh. Naturally, all Nazi symbols are banned (and there are a lot of them). Some songs that are not exclusively Nazi are banned, but have “a strong association with the Third Reich”.


  • To open shops for Christmas. Are Germans so religious or lazy? Plus it is forbidden to dance (what?!?!?!?!). Yes, institutions that offer this kind of leisure can’t be opened on certain religious holidays either.

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