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What gives online learning German?


Learning German online

Modern man has to put up with a constant lack of time: most of it is taken up by work and related processes. If you want to learn German, it will be extremely difficult to find several free hours in a week to attend courses or a tutor. And life circumstances will constantly interfere with regular attendance. The way out is to learn German through the Internet, in the online mode, with the opportunity to study at a convenient time and anywhere. School SpeakStarter is ready to provide such an opportunity: guaranteed high-quality language knowledge that can be obtained online.

Advantages of learning German through the Internet

If you decide to learn German online, our school is ready to provide you with the following set of benefits:
  • a convenient time for classes – nothing will affect your usual routine, you will not have to cancel important business;
  • accessibility – you can get knowledge while on the road, at home, at lunchtime at work, on vacation;
  • an individual program will allow you to learn the language faster and more efficiently;
  • The collective program includes a lot of conversational practice with native speakers;
  • the cost of classes is affordable – especially, given the effectiveness and speed of training.

Learn German online from scratch

We offer online learning German with Russian-speaking teachers. We have assembled a team of experienced tutors, fluent in languages ​​and able to work with an audience of different ages. Professional teachers use modern approaches that will allow you to learn German from scratch or from a basic level. You will discover the subtleties of pronunciation and reading, help to avoid mistakes, will give an effective knowledge base
depending on your goal.

Learning German online is a practical solution that allows you to:


  1. pass an exam for knowledge of German (for example, TestDaF or DSH);
  2. go as a tourist in German-speaking countries;
  3. conduct business negotiations with German partners without translators;
  4.  get a good foundation for easy mastering of the school program and much more.

Be sure to set the goal of your studies and voice it to the teacher – if you chose an individual program, it will focus on those aspects that will be important to you. This includes, among other things, colloquial practice: it will be thematically focused on the speediest achievement of your goal.
Learning German through the Internet for connoisseurs of the language

If you already have a certain knowledge base (successfully mastered school or university program, graduated courses with a certificate and passed the exam), we can offer learning German online to improve your practice. Classes allow you to raise the level, master a certain topic (business, tourism, etc.), prepare for the exam required for study or work in a German-speaking country. Depending on your basis, it can be a one-time lesson (suitable for experienced people) or a series of several lessons on an individual program. In the process, the teacher will help you expand your vocabulary, learn useful speech, and deepen your knowledge of grammar.

What gives online learning German?

Classes with an experienced teacher are aimed at:


  1. the correct pronunciation;
  2. prompt replenishment of vocabulary;
  3. practical development of conversational skills;
  4. the study of the features of pronunciation and writing;
  5. acquaintance with the culture, the tradition of Germany;
  6.  understanding of phraseological units and other conversational turns.

If you need to learn German, studying online will allow you to study in convenient conditions for you.
This significantly motivates and allows you to obtain knowledge more effectively. Even if something was missing – materials
the past lessons will be available to you. You can always go back and repeat the information.

Features of learning in SpeakStarter

We offer a convenient study of German via the Internet in videoconference format in the Skype program.
All you need is a computer, a stable Internet connection, a specified program and a convenient headset with headphones and a microphone. Through Skype, the instructor will give you new knowledge, and in this program, conversational club classes will be conducted – language practice with German speakers.

Every pupil of our school has access to a private office on the site. Here you will be given homework after each lesson.
You need to do them: you will master the knowledge more deeply, and the teacher will monitor your progress and correct errors in time.
You must give your homework online. Also in the office are available materials of past lectures, personal vocabulary and other useful information.

Learn German online quickly, efficiently, conveniently – we will ensure that all these benefits are met.
Choose an individual or collective program, set a learning goal – and get useful knowledge.

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