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Visa for reunification with family in Germany


The topic to be mentioned is family reunion in Germany. Let’s say that you found a job, entered a university or were able to prove that your grandmother is of German Jewish origin, who suffered during World War II. Yay, you moved to Germany, but your husband/wife/child was less fortunate, but you are not planning to separate from them.

German officials will never (almost) interfere with the bonds of love or kinship, so there is a procedure by which your spouse or child can get the same visa as you. Family reunification is possible if you have a national visa (for more than 3 months), German nationality and refugee status.

The requirement for the other half: At least 18 years of age, basic knowledge of German (A1). A visa for family reunification can be refused because of potential danger to public order (criminal record, participation in terrorist groups, etc.). The list of these dangers is not clearly defined. A visa will also be refused if a spouse who plans to move to Germany has previously been expelled from the country.

Requirement for your child. If your child is under 16 years of age, there are no language requirements (but do not forget about compulsory attendance at a German school, which is impossible without a language). If a child of 16-18 years of age needs a high level of German, but even this is not a guarantee of success. A “child” from 18 years of age can only be transported if it can be proved that the child is in your care, but this is not easy. It is easier to get a job at a university, a student colleague or a language course. If the child is born out of wedlock or from another marriage and you have no exclusive right to custody, the consent of both parents is required.

The requirements are for you. Adequate living space for the whole family (12 m2 per adult, 10 m2 per child under 6 years). Income with which you can provide for your family without additional subsidies from the state. Health insurance for all members of the future reunited family.

Further actions are standard: we collect all documents and go to the embassy. The important point is that exactly this type of visa should not be done from Germany, coming on a tourist visa, and at the Embassy of Germany of his country. Otherwise it will be a violation of the visa order and the risk of being refused more. The list of documents can be found on the website of the embassy of Germany of your country.

But remember that there are a lot of moving options and just in case it is worth considering a few of them.

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