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Units of measurement in Germany


The units of measurement in Germany are the same as in the rest of Europe (with the exception of Great Britain), i.e. metric system. But sometimes pounds are used to measure weight – “das Pfund (e)”. Pounds measure mass not as often as kilograms, but if you need to buy 450 grams of cottage cheese, the German will say: “ein Pfund Quark”.

Speaking of length measurement, it is worth mentioning that the “centimeter” is “Zentimeter”, but in the abbreviated version “5 cm” will be “5 cm” (and not “zm”).

The funny fact is that Gabriel Fahrenheit was German and his temperature measurement system is used a lot where, but not in Germany itself, where Swede Andreas Celsius’s temperature measurement system is used.

Now about the volume. In German-speaking countries, everything is measured in liters, but in the course there is such a unit as “centiliter” – “clit” (eng. “Centiliter”). A centiliter is 10 milliliters (like a centimeter is 10 millimeters). This unit of measurement is often written when talking about alcohol: “shot – 5 cl” (50 ml), “beer – 50 cl” (0.5 l).

For the rest, all units remain the same, you are unlikely to have any difficulties, as you might have with an American or a British.

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