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The prevalence of the German language


Welcome! Many of you have already asked yourself why German is needed. If you came to us, then probably you already have the answer to this question. But to add to your motivation, we will tell you what are the reasons for studying this wonderful language we see.

German is one of the most popular languages ​​in the world! Speaking about Europe, 18% (!) Of all Europeans consider it to be their native, and this is the highest among dozens of different languages. For comparison, English and French consider as their relatives only 13% and 12% of all Europeans.

In German, 120 million people are spoken all over the world. At a minimum, only 82 million people live in Germany, the population of Austria is almost 8 million people, and the number of Swiss speaking German is over 5 million and is 67% of the country’s population. As an official German language is also used in Liechtenstein. It is one of the official languages ​​of Belgium, Italy and Luxembourg. It says a large part of the French (1.2 million) and 400 thousand people in the Netherlands.

German-speaking people live not only in Europe! In the US, more than a million people speak German, 900,000 in Brazil, 0.5 million in Canada, and almost 800,000 people in Siberia in German.

As you have already noticed, all these countries are the advanced countries of the planet. That’s why German is the third most popular foreign language that is studied in the world and the second most popular in Europe after English.

In addition, the German Internet is one of the most developed in the world. The .de domain is the second most popular after .com (more popular than .org and .net).

Still not surprised? Do you know that 18% of all books are written in German? Do you know how many of them are translated into English? Only 5%! This is despite the fact that the German language is the language of philosophy, science and literature. Some of the best scientific and artistic works of mankind are written in German. Germany, Austria and Switzerland are the cradle of psychology, philosophy and classical music. This fact does not even require confirmation by a huge list of impressive names, because they are already known to everyone.

Germany is the second (after the USA) in terms of the number of Nobel laureates.

Imagine what a huge amount of important information and knowledge missed by people who do not speak German. It just does not exist for them.

If this dry statistics could not convince you, then we will publish many more materials about why you might need German. Regardless of whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, a representative of a creative class or a traveler.

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