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The most famous graffiti in the world

“Mein Gott, hilf mir, diese tödliche Liebe zu überleben” – “Lord! Help me survive this mortal love. ” First in German, then in Russian, these words are written in one of the most important sights of Berlin. “The Kiss of Brezhnev and Honecker” is probably the most famous graffiti in the world. Today we will talk about what it is and where it came from.
Let’s start from afar. Kiss Brezhnev

The Brezhnev kiss is the famous way to greet the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev. He kissed the gums of the leaders of many socialist countries. Historical kissing with the head of the GDR Erich Honecker became the most famous. That is what is captured on graffiti.

This greeting was filmed by Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper correspondent Barbara Klemm in 1979. Being from West Germany, she came to the congress of such high-ranking socialist leaders by chance. The organizers of the event did not understand which Frankfurt it was from: West Frankfurt am Main or East Frankfurt am Oder (which belonged to the socialist GDR).

Interesting to know!

This article will be interesting to everyone, even if you do not live and do not study in Germany or Europe in general. We will talk about the ISIC student cards – International Student Identity Card – an international student identity card. Under the student have in mind high school students and schoolchildren over 12 years old.

In 1990, artist Dmitry Vrubel from Moscow paints his famous graffiti.

After the unification of the two Germanies in 1989 and the “fall” of the Wall, they did not destroy it, but left it as a reminder of how it is no longer necessary to conduct state policy. It is important that the picture is depicted on the Berlin Wall, and not in some other alley. She is often called the disgrace of the German nation. Residents themselves on both sides were eager to unite while the wall brought grief and death. All this was done in the name of solidarity, loud slogans and love. It is about helping to survive among this “mortal love” that they ask God.

Over time, the tourists began to leave their “Petya here” in the picture, the paint faded from the sun, was washed off by rain, the wall collapsed and cracked. In 2009, the sight was painful to watch. Then the author kindly agreed to draw his masterpiece again.

To this day, the East Side Gallery (a section of the wall on which dozens of other iconic graffiti are painted, including the Kiss of Brezhnev and Honecker) remains a landmark in the city. There is a queue for those who want to take a photo to “Kiss”, because one cannot come from Berlin without such a photo.

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