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The advantages of learning German by Skype with a tutor


New technologists break into our lives and give stunning opportunities. For example, you can train a German language tutor by Skype, who lives directly in Germany – and this is a guarantee that he will give you relevant and accurate knowledge. This format of education is suitable for all age groups: from a junior high school student to a pensioner. To start, it’s enough to have a gadget with an Internet connection and Skype installed.

Advantages of learning German by Skype

The first and obvious plus we have already announced – your German language tutor for Skype can be a carrier, live in another country, but there will be no barriers to your communication. Other advantages:


  • You can study anywhere – you choose the place and time;
  •  all training materials are available on the site – you can return to them at any time;
  • Finally classes are available to mothers on maternity leave and busy people who do not have time to attend traditional courses.

German language tutor by Skype: who is it?

The online teacher must fully comply with the traditional teacher: we mean the excellent knowledge of the language, the use of proper teaching methods, a high level of responsibility and the ability to find an approach to each student. Your German language teacher by Skype will also give you theoretical and practical knowledge, ask homework, monitor your progress. As a result, it creates a full sense of work with a personal tutor – as if he is with you in the same room. The only difference is that the services of such a tutor are much more expensive than online training.

How to choose a tutor for online learning German?

For this purpose there is a possibility of a free trial lesson: you can evaluate the teaching methodology, and simply understand – whether it is comfortable for you to communicate with this person. At SpeakStarter school, every German language teacher on Skype is a professional using modern techniques and just a pleasant interlocutor in communication. You can consider several candidates to identify your teacher. Many people are worried about the question – are there any shortcomings in language learning using the Skype program? An obvious feature is the dependence on electricity and the speed of the Internet. If there are no technical problems, online classes are guaranteed to benefit you and new knowledge.

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