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Tests for German


It’s time to test your skills! Compilation of sites with tests for German from SpeakStarter:


The first in our compilation will be the website of the publishing house “Schubert”. There are many tests grouped by levels and topics.
Link to schubert-verlag.de


The next site also has large sets of tests, you can choose an even narrower topic and train it specifically. Here you can select tests by level, tests by topic and tests from a particular book.
Link to deutschakademie.de

Deutsch perfekt

The next site in the compilation is very interactive and enjoyable to use. You can choose tests on all kinds of topics, and combine words with pictures or type in missed words.
Link to deutsch-perfekt.com


And the last service in our compilation is the service that explains the grammar or vocabulary, and then gives tests to consolidate the passed material.
Link to deutsch.lingolia.com

Exercises are a great way to fix in your head the theory you’ve learned. After all, if you do not use the learned rules and words, they will be forgotten.

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