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Studying in Europe is something far and beautiful


There are many myths about German universities. One of which is that the students here are independent. Let’s see what that means.

First of all, this is expressed in the fact that a student must independently choose a curriculum and enroll independently in all subjects. You need to select them in such a way that at the end of the semester you will receive a sufficient number of points (Leistungpunkt). How to find out what items are needed? Read about it in the booklet or ask your advisor at the university.

Students also register for exams by themselves! This is 1 week. After 2-3-4 semesters, the system automatically records a truant for the exam, and if you don’t take it or come, the university will say goodbye to you.
It’s not hard to fly out of uni

There is no methodist who will call you on your mobile and say: “Petrov, what do you think of yourself? You have not been in pairs for 3 weeks! ”. Nobody forces you.

That and how they know that you were not in school? Attend seminars and lectures voluntarily. Professors are not allowed to mark students for couples and then use these marks on the exam.

If anything, you can always ask questions to your classmates and just do what they do. But there is one “but.” You have no classmates. The same couples can be visited by philosophers, biologists and programmers, therefore during your studies you will meet different faces on each pair.

Interesting to know!

Many students receive scholarships in Germany. Some receive from the state, some from private companies. In this collection from SpeakStarter you can find a list of the most popular scholarships and sites for their search. There are hundreds of offers and, at times, the key to success is the right choice of scholarships for which you are applying.

Independence still lies in the fact that your efforts are little appreciated or not at all evaluated throughout the semester. Theoretically, you can not do a whole semester. It even happens that you choose a topic for an examination paper. For its writing, you do not need to re-read everything that other students have read for 5 months. But this is peculiar mainly to humanitarian specialties.
Why then go to university?

If you have such an idea in your head, then, probably, a more correct question: “why bother to enter it at all?”. After all, for higher education come here those who need knowledge, not a diploma

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