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Sites for finding accommodation in Germany


Not so long ago, we wrote about how to find a home in Germany. They gave advice, told what options you can count on. Today we have prepared for you a selection of sites that will help you in finding housing.
The most popular is the site It has the largest number of offers. On the site you can find any form of accommodation: rent an apartment, a room, find neighbors for joint rentals (Wohngemeinschaft), etc. This site is more focused on rental housing from agencies for a long time and without furniture (but not only them). The site is similar in focus. It is always better to check several online portals.
One of the most popular sites is There are a lot of housing options for a short period (from several days), even more offers of joint housing rental (Wohngemeinschaft). On this site you will find mostly ads from private owners, not from offices.
Temporary furnished housing can be found at
We also talked about the pros and cons of the services of a broker (real estate agent). It makes sense to contact such specialists if you are looking for housing for a long period. This site will help you On it you can find the nearest broker.
Older people rarely place ads on the Internet. It will make sense to check also local newspapers.
Also in Germany there is a “Studentenwerk” (“Students Union”). If you enter “Studentenwerk + your city” into Google, you will be taken to the website of this organization. If you enter in the search for this site “Privatzimmervermittlung” – “private renting rooms”, then you will find even more ads (mainly from families).
As we say at the end of almost every collection: “check social networks”. For this, Facebook will be effective. If you type something like “Berlin (any city) Apartments / Wohnung / Rent / Miete / Share” in the search, you will definitely find a thematic group. In big cities, it makes sense to try and VKontakte.
Finally, we advise you to check out Airbnb. Usually there offer daily rent. There is also a weekly / monthly rent, but offers are less and prices are not so favorable. Why do we recommend this site? If you book accommodation there, then it is yours. The owner will not suit the bride, will not choose between you and other candidates and will not require your documents.
Good luck searching!

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