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Search university in Germany (selection)


The Germans say: “in our country there are no best and worst universities, everyone has his own minutes and advantages.” Nevertheless, ratings exist, and educational institutions are not randomly selected there. So self-confident that you choose the best? Then a weekly selection with sites to determine the ranking of the university for you.

The most top site with university rankings is Topuniversities. There are all the universities in the world. Stuck on this site for a long time. Compare the quality of education in different countries and be surprised that the German university of your dreams is worse than the one in your city.

Further site, which we have advised you to search for master programs. It has its rating in Germany, Austria or any other country that interests you.

The best university is a rather inaccurate thing. If one of the universities is good in the humanities, this does not mean that it is suitable for technical specialties. On the Meineuni website, in the “Lehre” section, choose your direction and see the top universities for you.

The same option offers our favorite portal

A place in the ranking is not everything. Additional information, as well as ratings on certain specialties, you can find here:

Good luck in finding. Do not particularly rely on the rating. All universities have their pros and cons. Prestigious universities require a certain level of their students.

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