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Schultüte — a German tradition.


A school fist is a miracle of the German tradition of education! Oh, well, let’s have a little background…

Do you know how all the children go to school with flowers and give them to teachers on the first of September? It is a good tradition to show respect and love for teachers. But in Germany, gifts are given to children. Every year, first graders are invited to Schultüte’s “school fist” school before the day of knowledge. It is a paper cone filled with various sweets and small gifts (toys, colored pencils, etc.). The cones are quite large – 70-85 cm.

The beauty is that this is not done outside Germany, even the fact that such a tradition is not very popular in other countries. But everyone does it there! And this tradition is more than 200 years old (the first mentions date back to the beginning of the 19th century).

Masters of handbags are usually parents, often together with children, sometimes children master themselves handbags with teachers, studying in kindergarten. The cone is almost always a rampant creativity. What children sometimes go to school with is a real work of art. This is important for both first graders and parents.

They even did research to understand where they spend what they spend on these bags. On average, parents in Germany pay 50 Euros for Schultüte materials and filling. For some reason, it was even calculated that in the western federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, the highest spending is on gifts (almost 100 euros per bag). It is even interesting to know who financed the research… Perhaps the manufacturers of the finished kits. After all, you can buy them and do not have to worry about creativity. Closer to the beginning of the school year (this is not necessarily September 1), they overwhelmed all the counters. And for parents, who have more free time, there are hundreds of video tutorials on making cones on the Internet.

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