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Scholarships in Germany


Many students receive scholarships. Some receive from the state, some from private companies. In this collection from SpeakStarter you can find a list of the most popular scholarships and sites for their search. There are hundreds of offers and, at times, the key to success is the right choice of scholarships for which you are applying.

You can start and need to DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst – German Academic Exchange Service). The main goals of DAAD are to support the younger generation in Germany and abroad in the fields of science and culture, economics and politics, educate them in the spirit of openness and mutual understanding, as well as increase the internationalism and prestige of German universities, support Germanism, German language, literature and geography of Germany in foreign institutions of higher education. They give out thousands of scholarships every year.

Another large fund is the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. If you have high academic success (school, university), if you are socially or politically active, you know German at a level no less than B2 and under 29 years old, then you have good chances of getting a scholarship to study in a magistracy or a doctoral program in Germany.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation, although it does not always have something to offer, is also a fairly large scholarship fund. Basically, support is provided to students of social sciences.

Among smaller funds, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, the Humboldt Research Fellowship and the German National Fellowship are worth noting.

Sites to search:

The site, which contains hundreds of different scholarships for all specialties and types of training, for any money and line. “We need the most intelligent and talented,” they say. And among our readers only such. Use a variety of filters for easy searching. On the website, you can create a profile, and the system will select the best offers for you. You can go directly through the site.

The following site from the Ministry of Education of Germany is also suitable for a general search, but it is not the same as the previous one. Better to use both.

Remember that who seeks will find. There is a huge amount of opportunity. Many are looking for you

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