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Scholarship to study in a German-speaking country


A scholarship is a chance for a student to fully devote himself to study. The idea is that the student will get enough money so that he does not have to work and think about anything other than seminars and lectures.

Today we’re going to tell you how to become a scholarship holder.

First you need to understand which program is right for you. In the selection of SpeakStarter you can find a list of the most popular scholarships and sites to find them. There are hundreds of offers and sometimes the key to success is the right choice of the scholarship you are applying for. It is not superfluous to ask the German university you are interested in. It is often difficult to find small local offers on the Internet. They are also easier to pass through, with fewer competitors. There will be thousands of applicants for major programs, because they are packed.

Usually, a scholarship implies no more or less than the payment of money. And this is the student’s living standard – about 735-850 euros per month.

All you need to apply for a scholarship is a CV, a motivation letter and evaluation information. Letters of reference are also not superfluous. There may be an interview next. You should apply for a scholarship as early as possible, because often the places are scheduled for several semesters ahead. If you don’t apply in advance, you may find that the lines for most programs have already passed and will open again in a year.

People with good grades are more likely to pass, and people with bad grades have to explain the reason for low academic success: “I have to work and do not have enough time to study, if I received a scholarship, I would study for excellent.

Standard tip: Apply for as many programs as you can, but approach each motivational person creatively and demonstrate awareness and interest in the scholarship, rather than sending the same letter everywhere. Not only should your letters to different organizations differ from each other, but all your letters should be different from those of other applicants. The same people from flesh and blood sit on the selection committee, they get thousands of letters and sometimes choose those who just stand out and are remembered.

Avoid mistakes, as practice shows, Germans’ mistakes are perceived as misprints, and foreigners’ mistakes are perceived as ignorance of the language and the filing procedure. Do not forget to choose a nice, but business photo.

Well, one last tip – clean up your pages in social networks. They are likely to look at them to understand what you breathe in real life.

Remember, a lot depends on the case, do not miss the chance, thinking that you are not good enough for a particular scholarship, and do not get upset if you fail.

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