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Prohibited Topics


According to the statistical portal Statista, the Germans are very reluctant to talk with others about such topics, because they are too personal for them:
Talk about what you can not talk about: prohibited topics

Sex life – 64%. No wonder. Such topics are not raised in the society of unfamiliar people. Even if it seems that Europeans are easier to relate to some things, asking about the orientation or something like that is not accepted.
Finance – 61%. Stereotypes about the Germans are confirmed. This refers not only to the question of salary. The following questions will be considered indecent: “Wow, how much did you give for such a car?” Or “I also thought to move closer to the center, how much do you pay for an apartment?”. If it is too interesting, add at least the phrase: “darf ich fragen, …” – “may I ask.”
Relationship problems – 49% (family problems – 39%). Yes, talking about your family problems or problems with a partner is not accepted unless you are close friends. Talk about their love or sympathy, whether it is mutual or unrequited, the Germans do not like. No disassembly occurs publicly, not exposed from social networks. A rare German will cry on your shoulder talking about his lover, if you are not his friend. And asking about this is not worth it, except for polite questions “like a wife?” And “like children?”.
Death – 33% (serious diseases – 22%). About such things it is difficult to speak always. Especially with strangers.
Religious beliefs – 18%, political views – 12%. These topics are not already tabooed in German society. You can talk about this, but you still need to be careful. Do not ask questions like “who did you vote for?” Or criticize other people’s religious views. We have already written before that racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, etc. are present, they are simply not visible because the Germans never express such views publicly. For this, you can get at least a public reprimand, even though half of the people in the room will think so.

Interesting to know!

Even if you were not in Berlin, you probably know that the symbol of Berlin and even Germany is the Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor). We decided to figure out what it all is.

Do not forget that ordinary politeness and caution allow you to be interested and raise even the most taboo topics.

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