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Professions requiring knowledge of German

We continue to talk about the benefits of learning German. He is very useful in terms of career prospects at home.

A person who knows a foreign language will never remain hungry. In a world where communication blurs the borders between countries, you will have the most important weapon. For this, you do not even need to migrate. If you open websites with the vacancies of your city, you can be sure that many of them require compulsory knowledge of foreign languages. Entrepreneurs are building a business with Germany, Austria, Switzerland, because to work with them is beneficial, they have money. Germany is the second largest exporter in the world. The German economy is the first in Europe and the fourth in the world. Austrian and Swiss are also not lagging behind. If you take all the Spanish-speaking countries and combine their economic potential, Germany alone will be still better (no worse in any case).

But the experts of the German language are sorely lacking, in comparison with the English-speaking. Therefore, finding a job knowing the German language is easier, and it is better paid. To learn other languages ​​and work with other countries is not so profitable, they do not have such large markets and services are not so expensive.

To date, the EU countries are giving a lot of work for outsourcing to Eastern Europe. Sales, copywriting, IT … in general, everything that does not require physical presence in a German-speaking country has long been done where the workforce is cheaper.

From this point of view, German is the best choice, because you will be competitive in the labor market, where everyone already knows English. You can work with some of the richest countries and profitably spend their euros in their homeland. And this is a very good deal, do not you agree?

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