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Names of georgraphic objects


Cities, almost all countries and the majority of geographical objects in German are used with the article “das”, i.e. they are of medium sorts. But the article is always missed, they are used without it. “Ich komme aus Russland, aus Moskau” – “I am from Russia, from Moscow”.

If you want to use a country with a local excuse “in” (where?), you need to use a local excuse “nach (+Dativ)”. “Ich fahre nach Deutschland” – “I am going to Germany”. After all, the local preposition “in” (c) can answer the question “where?” and “where? Without the article it is impossible to understand: “I’m going to Germany” or “I’m going to Germany” (on the way). And the local excuse “nach (+Dativ)” always answers only the question “where?

Countries that are used with the article:

die Slowakei (female) – Slovakia;
die Schweiz (female) – Switzerland;
die Türkei (female) – Turkey;
die USA (many hours) – USA;
der Iran – Iran;
der Irak – Iraq;
die Ukraine (wives) – Ukraine.

This is not a complete list of country names, but only frequently used.

Therefore, countries that have an article that is not “das” should be used with the article. “Ich bin aus der Ukraine” (the local preposition “aus” is used with the case of Dativ and “die” becomes “der”) – “I am from Ukraine”.

If the country is not a middle class country, it is necessary to use the local preposition “in” instead of “nach”: “Ich fahre in die Türkei” (local preposition “in”, answering the question “where?” is used with the case of Akkusativ) – “I am going to Turkey”.

That’s all. The main thing: “Du bist in Deutschland” – “I’m in Germany” (the article is missing), but “ich bin in der Schweiz” (the question “where” is also answered by Dativ’s case).

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