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Meaning of words in Austrian and German


Austrian German is a rather distinctive language (dialect), many words can have completely unexpected meanings, and for some concepts words are used that will not be understood by the German:

“Der Kasten (die Kästen)” – “box” (in literary German). But the Austrians of this word is also called a wardrobe. And the word “der Schrank (ä)” – “wardrobe” is almost never used.
Another surprise may be that “der Sessel” in Austrian is not a “chair”, but only a “chair”.
In Austria, an ATM is called … “der Bankomat”, and a bank card is “die Bankomatkarte”. And in Germany this word is not used, they say: “der Geldautomat” and pay with the help of German EC-Karte (electronic money card).
The Austrian word “der Beistrich (-e)” is used to denote the “comma”, instead of the usual German “das Komma (-s)”.

Here you will find many more differences and will be able to speak like real Austrians.

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