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Level Test: German


SpekStarter has prepared the most complete selection of German language tests (Einstufungstest) for you. Knowing your level is very important, in addition to tracking progress, it is also important for an effective learning plan. “Do we really need more than one test?” – you have to ask. “Yes” – we will answer, because the test methods are different. In addition to being able to assess your level more objectively, you will be able to prepare yourself for different tests that may await you in the future, such as Lucentest (but about this later).

Test from DW

The first test in the selection is a test from Deutsche Welle. It differs in that you can take the test immediately to the level you have set and understand whether it is your level or not. On the plus side, it only gives you questions at your level and you won’t waste time answering too easy questions or answering at random questions that are not at your level to finish the test.

Test by DW

Test from the Goethe Institute

And here’s a test for those who care about the Russian interface of the site. The test from the Goethe-Institut is different in that it does not check the knowledge of grammar (just a little), and checks the general understanding of the text, live conversation and the logic of sentence building.
A link to the Goethe Test


Next we will tell you about a difficult test – the Lückentest (test with passes). This is a very popular type of test in Germany, where you should logically guess which word is missing. This may be an excuse, or maybe an integer noun. It is very important to pass a couple of such tests before actually testing, because the first time it is very difficult. To deceive such a test by making a guess how you can do it in the rest of the tests is obviously a losing strategy.

Example of a test


The last test in our selection is not for everyone. It doesn’t determine your level, but it will tell you if you are ready for TestDaf.

Check yourself by clicking the link

This set is enough for you to determine the level and, once again, do not stop at passing only one of them.

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