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Lake Constance Bodensee

We offer for a moment to forget about the grammar and cultural characteristics of our Western friends and go back to the Alpine valleys. Enjoy another common heritage of the inhabitants of Germany, Austria and Switzerland: Lake Constance (Bodensee). The nature there is preserved in its original form, despite the fact that the place attracts crowds of tourists.

What is interesting in this lake except for stunning landscapes?

If we present a map of Europe, then there will be one point where Germany (in the south), Austria (in the west) and Switzerland (in the northeast) intersect. This is where Lake Constance is located. It connects the three main German-speaking countries.

This is one of the largest lakes in Europe. The length of the coastline of two lakes is 273 km, of which 173 km are in Germany, 28 km in Austria and 72 km in Switzerland. The area of ​​Lake Constance is 535 km².

Fun fact: the Bodensee water area is formally drawn. The coast and the 25-meter coastal line are the lands of the state, and everything else does not belong to anyone, due to the fact that the countries have not come to an agreement. Nevertheless, it is used by German, Austrian, Swiss passenger and transport ships, together they make up the “Weiße Flotte des Bodensees” (White Fleet of Lake Constance).

Another name is Lake Constance, after the name of the large city of Konstanz on the banks of the Lake Bodensee.

The lake consists of three reservoirs: the Upper lake (Obersee), the Lower lake (Untersee) and the Rhine, which connects them.

We also offer an amazing selection of photos of Lake Constance to cool down and start studying with inspiration, because while you read this, we have already published new material on grammar =)

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