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Kompilation: TV shows for learning German


Learning German is not always books. Most effectively in addition to grammar to listen to live German and drag your ears and brain on its perception. In this the best assistants will be serials in German. Of course, it’s better to pick up something easier at first. SpeakStarter has prepared a selection of soap operas for you who study German.


Goethe-Institut made a great series “Deutschlandlabor” (German Laboratory) for German language students. The presenters Nina and David talk about the cultural customs of Germany in an accessible German language. We are happy to share a link to the first episode with you;
Made for students with levels A2 to B1.

Erste Wege in Deutschland

“Erste Wege in Deutschland” – “First steps in Germany”. The series, shot by Goethe-Institut, tells about a young girl Nevin, who has just arrived in Germany and has to understand many simple things for herself: a trip to the doctor, a trip by bus, new friends, new work … The series consists of only 8 episodes. It will not only help you get used to German speech and gain new vocabulary, but also explain some points from other people’s experience.

A link to the first episode;

Made for students with level A2.

Extr@ auf Deutsch

“Extr@ auf Deutsch” – “Extra@ in German.” The series is shot under a typical youth comedy. Probably the funniest of what can be found among training series. The plot tells the story of an American who came to live in Berlin.

It’s a link to the first episode;

Made for students with A2 levels. But it will be understandable even for those who do not speak German at all.

Ticket nach Berlin – die Abenteuerspielshow!

“Ticket nach Berlin – die Abenteuerspielshow!” – “Ticket to Berlin is an adventure show!” Goethe-Institut and Deutsche Welle did the show. The story of 6 people who learn German and decide to go on a trip to Germany.

It’s a link to the show;

Made for students with B1 to B2 levels.

Deutsch Plus

The last series in our selection is “Deutsch Plus” – “German +”. A story from the BBC about a guy who just moved to Germany and doesn’t speak German too well yet, but is already obliged to solve his everyday (and not only) problems.

A link to the first episode;
Made for students with levels A1 to A2.

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