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Kevin’s name in Germany is interesting facts


What’s wrong with the name of Kevin in Germany?

All Germans are giggling hearing this name. Kevin is a popular hero of anecdotes who constantly manifests his stupidity.

And here is the answer. The Germans say that Kevin is not a name but a diagnosis. At some point, the native of the “lower class” picked up the fashion for British / American names and the most popular of them was the name of Kevin. Funny is really not enough, because this name has become something of a social stamp. Even studies have been conducted that people with this name receive lower grades in schools, because it’s not as prestigious as Carl-Friedrich.

In 1991, this name was the first in the list of the most popular names in Germany, and now it is not even included in the TOP 300. It’s funny fact, it was in 1991 that the premiere of the famous “One House” in Germany (the protagonist – a boy named Kevin) took place.
We do not claim that these two incidents are necessarily linked, but the previous peak of this name’s popularity occurred in 1979, when the super-Kevin comic book began to be printed in Germany, and Kevin Keegan’s song “Head over heels in love” fell into German TOP 10 Singles Charts.

It is alleged that this name has received a certain contempt, precisely because of the excessive orientation of its parents, to the mass media.

It is interesting to know!

Even if you were not in Berlin, you probably know that the symbol of Berlin and even Germany is the Brandenburger Gate (Brandenburger Tor). We decided to figure out what it was like.

In German there is another word “Kevinismus” – “Kevinism”

Painful inability to give socially meaningful / accepted names to human offspring. This word is in the German encyclopedia since 2007. In relation to girls, this phenomenon is called Chantalismus – Shantalism (the name of Chantha).

Queen syndromes are often double or triple names, one of them often ends with -ia or begins with Ch, the names have a French or British tint.

In general, we did not try to convey a certain idea to this article, but rather simply entertain. This is an interesting and rather unique phenomenon of German society.

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