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“Ist Luisa hier?” – “Louise is here?”


This is a new public initiative in Germany and Switzerland. If the girls want to get rid of unwanted attention from the men, do not feel safe or think that their borders are violated, then in such a covert way they can ask for help from the staff of clubs, bars, restaurants and any other institutions.

That. phrase is a password. You tell his staff and from that time you will not leave you in trouble. Can call your friends, call a taxi, or distract a hard-hitting driver until you leave. The girl herself decides what to choose.

It all started in 2016 in Münster. Now dozens of cities in Germany and some cities in Switzerland have joined, but all the employees of institutions are aware of it even in cities that have not yet taken part in the initiative. The idea was borrowed from the similar British project “Ask for Angela” – “Call Angela”.

It is interesting to know!

German surnames are common throughout the world. Almost everyone has friends with names from this list.

You can check them and find out the meaning, because all surnames come from the name of the profession, the physiological features (size, color of hair …), names, social status or geographical objects

Now they are conducting a survey among the employees of the institutions and women to find out how many people know this phrase and are ready to use it. Educational activities and site are funded by women’s organizations.

Here you can see a list of participating cities in the project: In each city there are addresses of organizations for the protection of women.

Probably the initiative protects representatives of all sexes from representatives of all sexes. But to assert for certain and, moreover, to express provocative opinions on this account, we will not become.

Good day and respect.

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