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Ist Bier in Deutschland ein Grundnahrungsmittel?


Beer in Germany is not treated as full alcohol

No wonder beer is the only alcoholic beverage of the middle kind – das Bier. Because, unlike other alcohol, it is like water – das Wasser. Especially in Bavaria, it is considered “liquid bread.” For a Bavarian, banging 0.33 beers at breakfast is fine. Beer at lunchtime or between couples is not at all a disturbing ringer of an upcoming alcoholism. In the neighboring federal states, however, this is taken more seriously and there are more prohibitions.
Bavaria says beer is “Grundnahrungsmittel”

(basic / basic food). This is believed to be from the early Middle Ages, when, due to the lack of clean drinking water, beer was the only way to quench thirst. Although then it was cooked differently, and it was almost non-alcoholic.

The tradition to quench their thirst with beer made the Germans not only the best brewers in the world, but also put them in the vanguard of the inventors of beer cocktails. The intoxicating drink is mixed with everything here: with lemonade (then you get a radler), with sweet water (Coca-Cola, sprite, fanta, etc.), with any juices (even with banana nectar) or with syrups.


According to paragraph 9 of Jugendschutzgesetz (Law on the Protection of the Youth), alcoholic beverages in Germany are sold only from the age of 18, but there are some exceptions. Such low alcohol drinks like beer, wine, champagne are not included in the category, because the alcohol content in them does not exceed 15%. At the same time, the remaining drinks with the same alcohol content are also sold from 18.

They quietly drink beer on the street, in public transport in parks and museums. Wrap in a paper bag? Pffff Although formally such consumption is prohibited, but few people care. The fact is that the age-old experience spawned a culture of responsible consumption. Drunk drivers and violent disturbers of public order are rare.

There is a widespread stereotype that Germans treat beer differently, more carefully. As you can see, unlike their punctuality, this is true.

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