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International Youth Travel Card in Germany


This article will be interesting to everyone, even if you do not live and do not study in Germany or Europe in general. We will talk about the ISIC student cards – International Student Identity Card – an international student identity card. Under the student have in mind high school students and schoolchildren over 12 years old.

This is the only recognized international student ID. A huge union includes more than 150,000 discounts and special offers. Holders of such a card can count on tangible discounts on some airline tickets, hotels and hostels, bus companies offer very good discounts (Flixbus, for example, gives discounts up to 20%). Discounts are also available in all cinemas, some water parks, entertainment centers, etc. The lion’s share of public and many private museums offer free admission to ISIC presenters, as well as theaters and cultural centers. Discounts are also offered at clothing stores, bars and cafes (20% of the Hard Rock Café), discounts on licensed computer programs, training courses, etc. You can continue this list right up to the end of the article. We’ll tell you better why all this is started and how to get a card.
International Students Association

The International Students Association is not a profitable organization that helps H & M involve students. It is an organization funded by UNESCO and many others to support students around the world. Everyone wants more educated specialists, but you need to understand that, while getting an education, a person cannot earn years and deserves certain privileges.

A student who is not in the correspondence department and a student over 12 years old can receive the card. To do this, just contact the office of the organization in your city or go online on the ISIC website of your country. You are only asked for a photo, confirmation of student / schoolchild status, identity card and a small fee for plastic manufacturing services.

A minute of interesting information!

Bicycles in Germany have become such an important part of many European societies that they completely deserved a separate article. That is why we are now talking about why they are so popular in all German-speaking countries and how the life of a typical cyclist is organized.

It is possible to order IYTC (International Youth Travel Card) – an international certificate of young people (travelers). Every person between the ages of 12 and 30 (inclusive) can receive it. Naturally, the list of privileges is not so impressive, but still quite large. ITIC (International Teacher Identity Card) – an international certificate confirming the status of a teacher.

Making one of these cards is a very reasonable decision for those who fall into one of the above categories. When traveling to Europe privileges will be particularly noticeable.

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