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How do students live in Germany?


(The dormitory), the shared flat or a separate apartment (the (single) apartment)

Let’s start with the fact that the Germans call it “Hotel Mama”. Yes, that’s exactly what you thought. If a student learns in a city where his parents live, he will never leave them for anything. “I am 28 years old and still live with my parents. Mom cooks food and washes clothes “-” DIE STICHE !!! “- every German will tell you. But not everyone is so lucky.

The second way is a hostel. About 12% of all German students live in student schools. We think we should not mention separately that this case looks very dignified and beautiful. Usually it is a room for 2-3 persons with separate WC. The kitchen can be on the floor, and maybe everyone is in the room, then it becomes something like a studio. Dorms are not cheap, prices are not lower than if you rented the same apartment with friends. But this way of living is a coming together. Constantly being in an environment with the same students, you make contacts, cooperate and just have fun.

Not all universities offer a hostel. There are private companies offering such services. This is not the same as a hostel. You can rent such apartments only for a long time. As a rule, there are students of exchange programs who have come for 2-3 months, students of courses or seminars. This type of housing can be even more expensive than a hostel.

The multi-generational flat is the coexistence of different generations. The system is pretty simple. Someone settles in the pensioner’s house, helps him with his homework and gets a room for it. This system has been operating successfully since 1992.

Shared flat or just shared flat is living together. Not only students live like that. When we talk about money, this is the most profitable way. He has his own minutes. Finding oneself is not that easy. You’ll need to be out in the country, searching hundreds of ads, sending out hundreds of letters about yourself, going to the groom (your future neighbors will look at you, not you in the apartment). Not all people agree on the characters and rhythms of life. You may want to sleep, and the neighbors will be having parties, or you want to invite friends, and the rest of the tenants will be against it. However, if you hit the rhythm of life and characters, this lifestyle will be very bright and cheap.

The last option is an apartment. Finding an apartment is not that easy either. You pay more, but that also has obvious benefits.

Previously, we gave you tips on how to find accommodation, and we also have an amazing selection of websites for those purposes.

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