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How to write ä, ö and ü without a German keyboard layout?


SpeakStarter will answer your question about how to spell umlauts (ä/ö/ü) if you don’t have a German keyboard layout or if you need to register an e-mail address where such characters are not allowed. In general, we will tell you how to write umlauts without umlauts.

It’s simple. An umlaut letter can be replaced by an “e“:

  • ü = ue;
  • ö = oe;
  • ä = ae.

For example, the German surname Müller is spelled Mueller. All Germans’ e-mails have this replacement character. You may have seen this before, but you could not answer yourself how it is read.
Eszet – “ß” is replaced by “ss”. The e-mail will look like this: anton.weiss@email.de (last name Weiß).
It’s grammatically acceptable, but you shouldn’t write that all the time. Only if it’s not possible to write umlaut.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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