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How to start learning German?


Learning German for Beginners

Is it possible to start learning German from scratch without having any basic knowledge – even school? Is it too late to learn the language and what can you achieve by mastering the basic course? Qualitative study of the German language for beginners is one of the activities of the online school SpeakStarter. We offer comfortable conditions, lessons from Russian-speaking teachers, individual and group programs. If you do not have basic knowledge, we recommend learning German online for beginners with level A1, corresponding to the system of European competences from the Council of Europe. A1 is the first step towards learning the language. We offer a program that is ideally suited for adult learners and children who are only taking their first steps in learning German.

Combination of theory and good practice

What do you need to start learning German for beginners from scratch? Nothing! No preliminary theoretical knowledge of conversational skills is required. The only condition is your desire and clear goal, for which you started to learn the language. The latter condition is very important, because it will be a motivating factor making the acquisition of knowledge a simple and accessible process. We offer to learn German online for beginners on the basis of a methodology developed by our teachers on the basis of effective practices. Teaching is built in the form of a unified system that gradually develops and gives new knowledge from the lesson to the lesson without any difficulties. The principle of online learning contributes to the acquisition of knowledge in a comfortable environment, and access to a private office with teaching materials allows students to firmly grasp the information received. Online German for beginners, we teach, based on a communicative technique: you can consolidate the theoretical information obtained by conducting dialogues with speakers in a conversation club. This will also allow in the early stages to exclude any errors in the pronunciation or construction of phrases. This approach is characterized by constant effectiveness, which is confirmed by our students of all age categories.

Features of studying German for beginners

To enroll in German for beginners with convenient online classes, we recommend people who are going to visit German-speaking countries. Now they are 18 states of the world, in which German is recognized as the main or additional language. Tourism, visiting relatives, going to a cultural event – the goal is not important. You need to be able to explain at least at a basic level. In general, the development of the A1 level will provide an excellent platform for further study of the language with obtaining more in-depth knowledge and practices. We offer to learn German for beginners individually or in groups – and in that, and in another case we are talking about online classes. The individual course is designed by the teacher in accordance with your individual characteristics: from personal graphics to memory characteristics and learning objectives. After mastering the course, you will receive a certificate from our school. Group training is an affordable option, involving classes in the form of videoconferences: the teacher works with several students at the same time, based on an effective public program.

How can you use this knowledge?

The start-up course is an online German for beginners, where you will get acquainted with the German alphabet, learn the main rules of reading letters and their combinations, the principles of pronunciation, master the basics of grammar and the lexical minimum. The aim of the course is to learn German at the “survival level”. What can be achieved with the knowledge obtained:


  • introduce himself to the native speaker, introduce him to other interlocutors;
  • tell key information about yourself (age, sex, residence, family and hobbies, professional activity);
  • to support the simplest conversation (provided that the interlocutor will talk slowly) on the basic topics (business, weather, etc.);
  • fill out simple forms and questionnaires (for example, when you are settling in a hotel);
  • ask for help (for example, tell the road). 

The advantages of learning the basics of German in SpeakStarter

Learning German at the online school SpeakStarter allows you to get really useful knowledge, to firmly fix them in memory. We do not just give a theory and conduct practical classes in a conversation club – we regularly give homework. They discipline and allow you to learn the information. You can do homework and send them to the teacher directly on the site – in your personal account. Here you can ask questions, get round the clock access to the materials already conducted classes. And each student has a personal dictionary.
Online German for beginners is convenience, the opportunity to study at suitable times for you and in convenient conditions, anywhere in the world, at home and at work, in transport and on the couch. Minimum technical requirements, reasonable price, effective knowledge – all in order that you quickly and easily began to master the language.

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