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How to rent a room/flat in Germany


Inspired by the article, they decided to write their own tips on what to do to hurry up and throw your WG-Party (the party you throw with your neighbors at Wohngemeinschaft when you move into a new apartment) or a party with your neighbors in the hostel.

— Be quick. It’s very important that the sooner you start looking, the more chances you have. Some dormitories need to be filled in before you even get a place at the university, so you may be able to move in before you graduate. We understand that many readers will not be able to come and find accommodation before they receive their student visa, and they do not want to come to Germany and sit idle for a month or more. But if you think about it, the first days of study are difficult and tense, if you make 15 visits to the apartment screenings at the same time, then life is not nice. If possible, come in advance with a tourist visa and start looking for accommodation and work before the heat starts.

— Do you know how many people visit the most popular website every month to find apartments, shared apartments and rooms at 7.8 million people. Perhaps it makes sense to look at apartments somewhere else? Take a look at the selection of websites for finding accommodation from SpeakStarter. There we give an impressive list of such sources, as well as advice to check local newspapers, the site of the Union of Students and social networks (Facebook is best suited for this).

— Offer help. One of the types of housing we have already mentioned is living together with people who need help: pensioners, families with many children, people with disabilities. This is called “Wohnen für Hilfe” – “housing for help”. We have a detailed article on this type of housing.

— Be curious. When you look at a potential apartment (not a private one, but a WG with neighbors), ask questions: “How often are they cleaned?”, “Is there a joint cashier’s office?”, “Do neighbours cook together? This will not only help you decide if this rhythm is right for you, it will also show you in a better light.

— You are a serious person. When you go to look at the apartment immediately bring with you the whole package of documents. You don’t have to agree right away, but everybody has to understand that it’s possible and necessary to deal with you.

Remember that everything is not so complicated. Thousands of people find a place to live every day. And you will find one too. Especially with all the advice from SpeakStarter. See also our articles and what options students have for living, what you need to rent an apartment or a room, and much more.

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