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How to prepare for the exam in German

You need to pass an international test, confirming the knowledge of German? The online school SpeakStarter provides German language training with an emphasis on preparing for an actual exam for you. At the very beginning, your teacher will determine the level and explain how much time is needed to prepare you for obtaining a certificate. Qualitative preparation for German exams * is conducted online – via Skype, in person or in small groups, with a convenient schedule and efficient submission of information.

Why do I need to take an exam?

If you want to study in Germany or find a job in this country (and also in other countries where German is recognized as a state language), if you are planning to move to one of these countries, you will definitely need to obtain an international certificate. The purpose of this document is to confirm that you know the language at a sufficient level. Without a certificate it is impossible to find a job (especially for a well-paid job). It is impossible to “buy” a certificate – only to receive for real knowledge. So that you can successfully get the document, you need to prepare for the exams in German with the help of an experienced teacher. A tutor’s help is needed, even if you think that you know German well enough. The fact is that the protection of the certification exam involves not only testing knowledge, but also the ability to literally think in a foreign language. Tasks must be performed in a short period of time – therefore, one should think and orient quickly, answer without errors. So even if you have a good level of knowledge obtained at the university or at the courses, it is better to additionally prepare for examinations in German – this will give you confidence and increase opportunities.

Advantages of preparing for exams

Teachers of online school SpeakStarter have the necessary experience to prepare students for language exams of different levels. At one time they also passed these exams, so they know the specifics firsthand. We have the preparation for the exam in German at various levels: from A1 (primary) to C2. We would like to remind you that A1-B1 exams are available to all age categories, and knowledge testing above B1 level is possible only for persons over 16 years old. Which option is right for you? Everything depends on the basis of knowledge, as well as your goals. They can be different: from marriage to school or work.

Types of certificates

Your preparation for the German exam will focus on the specific type of certificate that you need to get. Announce us your goals, and your teacher will form an individual program, corresponding to the level of existing knowledge. To move to a German-speaking country you need to get Goethe-Zertifikat (certificate of the Goethe Institute). Tests on it are available to persons from 16 years of age, regardless of the country of residence and nationality. The certificate is recognized in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, it is compulsory for students and employees. Available levels:

A1 is the basic knowledge required when moving to marry or reunite a family. To pass the exam, you need to understand questions and answer them in simple phrases, be able to fill out forms and write small messages, formulate questions and answer them;
A2 – pre-threshold level. To pass the exam, you need to understand short texts, be able to conduct simple dialogues of personal and business nature. Having improved this level, it is possible to obtain certificates that open up wider opportunities in countries with state German;
B1 – the level required for travel without an interpreter, admission to the preparatory training courses in the university. To get a certificate, you need to be able to communicate informally about familiar things, easily interact with carriers, explain and justify your words;
B2 – in a number of countries this certificate allows you not to take the language exam for the certificate of maturity. The level of knowledge is sufficient to enroll in non-technical specialties without compulsory preparatory language courses;
C1 – is a confirmation of sufficient language level for many German universities of different directions;
С2 – completely exempts from language examinations upon admission to higher educational institutions of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The level of knowledge is enough to find an official high-paying job.

Separately it is worth mentioning TestDAF – a complex centralized test for a good knowledge of German. Initially it is intended for applicants wishing to receive higher education in Germany and other German-speaking countries. When passing the TestDAF determine the level of knowledge in accordance with the pan-European scale B2-C1. The test results do not have a statute of limitations. Another exam for studying in Germany is DSH. It must be handed over directly to higher educational institutions: it is not interconnected with levels and exams from the Goethe Institute. TELC is a fairly new certification system. It involves complex exams, the results of which are suitable for study and work in countries with the state German language. In each case, our

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