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How to learn German yourself at home


German at home

Online school SpeakStarter offers online German learning: do it in a convenient place at the right time for you. Learn the language at home: it’s really relevant and effective. How to learn German for an adult person, surrounded by work, deeds and obligations? Do not engage in self-deception, enrolling in courses or buying a self-study manual. In the first case, there is not enough time and desire for regular placement of lessons, in the second there are possible mistakes due to the lack of teaching control.

Home Education – the Future of Education

We offer to learn German at home with the help of a convenient system of online lessons and homework that can also be performed online. Each lesson is carefully thought out and directed to the simple mastering of the German language of any complexity category. Do you need to start from scratch or supplement existing knowledge? No time to attend courses and want to study in a comfortable home environment? Engage with the teacher on Skype, communicate in the conversation club, perform tasks – and all this without leaving home.

Learning German at home is effective: the practice of online learning is successfully used throughout the world. Moreover: many leading universities are switching to partial teaching of disciplines in a remote mode. This method is the future of modern education. Learning German online from the SpeakStarter school is an individual communication with the teacher (or, as an option, classes for small groups), conversational practice with native speakers, materials of lessons learned, available around the clock in a personal account on the site.

Learning German at home is easy – you only need:


  • choose a convenient period of time;
  • get comfortable;
  • Turn on the computer and connect the headset to it;
  • go to the website of SpeakStarter, start Skype;
  • listen carefully to the teacher and follow his recommendations.Thus, you can master the language, physically being for many hundreds and even thousands of kilometers from the teacher – while the effectiveness of learning from this will not decrease. Plus, you will be really motivated, because classes are held on conditions convenient for you.
    Benefits of home teaching German
    The teaching of the German language is characterized by a large number of subtleties concerning pronunciation and reading. Therefore, the teacher carefully monitors the process of obtaining knowledge, and regular homework allows you to learn the knowledge and make sure of the progress. We offer several types of training: from one-off classes for people who want to deepen their knowledge before a series of lessons from scratch. If you want to learn German at home – we guarantee the following benefits:

    Classes with an individual schedule. Learn when you are comfortable and do not worry about the missed occupation – all the necessary information is available in your account.
    Saves time. You do not need to go anywhere – and this is especially true when there is not enough free time, and the weather is bad outside.
    There is no geo-referral: a Russian-speaking resident of any country and any settlement can become a pupil of the SpeakStarter school.

What is better – German online lessons or classical courses?

Is it really possible to learn German at home to the desired level, allowing you to achieve your goal (from the ability to explain yourself elementary to full-fledged dialogue, reading and writing)? We picked up a team of experienced teachers, formed modern programs and created learning algorithms that can guarantee an effective result. See for yourself:


  1. with the teacher you can communicate directly with the headset. If the quality of the Internet connection is good – lessons will be conducted without delays and technical failures;
  2. A high-quality webcam allows the teacher to broadcast all the necessary visual content;
  3. Lecture materials, homework, personal dictionary and other additional study materials are available in the personal office of the student;
  4.  German at home can be taught without notes and books: the teacher gives the full amount of information within the course. If there are difficulties in doing your homework – you can contact the teacher and ask him questions.

German at home – for everyone

To effectively learn German at home, you only need to set a goal. Why do you need a language? To successfully pass the exam, to make a tourist trip, to negotiate with business partners or go to a German-speaking country to study work, permanent residence? Our teachers will help in any case: we have selected a team of specialists who are able to work with children and adults. Learn the language conveniently, accessible and with a high level of efficiency, without leaving home.

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