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How to find a study program in Europe?


The publishing house – Campus has prepared several tips that should be heeded when choosing a place of study and a specialty in the EU.

First of all, you have to understand for yourself whether you want to deepen your knowledge that you received in the bachelor’s program (if you choose the magistracy), or learn something new. Do you want to learn something more practical or more theoretical? Or maybe you are interested in some kind of research? Where would you like to work in the future?

If you do not find the answers to these questions, it will make sense to postpone the training. The average age of a graduate in Germany is 28 years (!). It is not necessary to enter the university immediately after school, but to the magistracy right after basic higher education. In Europe, there is a wonderful concept – Gap Year (the year of skipping from English). The bottom line is that young people work and travel to clearly define their goals in life and answer the question whether this education is necessary at all.

Not all training programs are the same. There are courses that take place in a group, and there are those where you study individually. You can choose a strictly defined curriculum or a freer one, where you can choose subjects yourself.

But remember that if you decide for a very long time, then there is a risk of not coming to any decision at all. Set yourself a time limit. They say that if you do not know where you are going, then any road will lead you there.

Try to ask other people. If you know where you would like to work, then find out after which training programs they take on this or that position. Labor exchanges: or (here you can check which employers are looking for graduates of your specialty). Or you can go from the opposite: universities have a career center, you can ask questions to experts. You can go to a job fair or educational exhibition. After all, talk to friends or relatives. But be careful, if the decisions are not yours, then you are more likely to regret about them.

If you decide to search on the Internet, then use special resources: (for searching for bachelor programs) or (for searching for masters), On the websites of educational institutions, you can also find even more information: detailed information about the programs, read about foreign exchanges or scholarships.

Worth listening to your feelings. Choose a city that you like, or a university in which building you feel comfortable. It is worth choosing a city in which there are people you know.

There are no perfect solutions. But doing everything correctly, you can find the best option for yourself.

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