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How to find a job in Germany?


Not so long ago we talked about how to get a work visa to Germany. We came to the obvious conclusion that the most important thing in this matter is to find a job there. Now we will discuss this issue separately.

Germany welcomes with open arms people who have mastered difficult specialties, such as engineers, doctors, programmers. It’s not easy to get a low-paying job that does not require special qualifications, because there are enough such personnel in Germany.

SpeakStarter has already prepared a selection with sites for job search. On one of these sites or just in a search engine on the Internet, you can drive the desired position and country / city. Naturally, the results issued will be mainly in German. But you need to know him if you want to get a place. Although the job is not so easy to find, but learning the language will take you much more time.

The most suitable option for foreigners is international firms, which employ thousands of employees around the world. Small local companies are less willing to go through the difficult procedure of hiring a foreigner.

Then send a resume and a motivation letter. At SpeakStarter you will find recommendations for the design of each of these documents. It is important not to send the same letter to all companies in a row, because it is immediately obvious if the letter was written for a particular place, and if not, the applicant is not so right and wants to work specifically in this position. On the other hand, if you try only one or two companies, then the chances of being accepted are significantly reduced.
The second option is to get a blue card (Blue Card)

The Blue Card is a visa for job search, which can be obtained without a signed contract with a German company and even without an invitation. If your specialty is in short supply (math, science, ecology, engineering, architecture, medicine, IT), you have a university degree and, preferably, work experience in your field, then you can apply for such a visa. She will be given in the German embassy of your country for the week.

After receiving it for six months, you can safely go to Germany and look for vacancies there. After all, finding a job on site can be much faster and easier.

The last option is seasonal work for several months. You can easily get a visa with the right to work in one particular place, but without the possibility of extension and work on the end of its action. The best option to search for seasonal work – this is the domestic sites.

With us you will find many other recommendations for finding vacancies and getting the cherished meta, as well as many other ways to move to Germany.

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