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How to choose a certificate to prepare for the exam in German


Preparing for the exam in German: what do you need to master and which certificate to choose?

Examinations of the Goethe Institute are a serious step for a person wishing to confirm their level of language knowledge. The certificate you receive after the successful completion will open up great opportunities for you. SpeakStarter teachers are ready to prepare you for the exam. In order for you to know more about it, we have prepared information about the levels and features of Goethe certificates.

Preparation for German exams for Goethe A1 and A2 certificates


Professional preparation for the Goethe-certificate A1 – will give an opportunity to explain elementary (provided that the interlocutor speaks slowly), use and understand the simplest phrases and everyday turns, ask and answer simple questions. The certificate is needed for people who move to Germany to reunite with their families or work on an Au Pair. Preparation for the exam Goethe-certificate A2 teaches you to understand and apply whole sentences, in simple words explain the conditions and situation, talk about yourself and your skills. The reasons for obtaining the certificate are the same – moving to Germany for personal reasons.

Preparation for exams in German: Goethe В1 and В2

Our school prepares for the exam Goethe-certificate B1 – the acquired knowledge will allow you to understand the meaning of conversations on topics that are known to you, to talk with your interlocutors in most situations, to defend your position in the discussion on a familiar topic. After successfully passing the exam, you can go to a German college, officially work. Intensive preparation for the exam Goethe-certificate B2 will allow you to understand complex texts (including abstract topics), to participate in dialogues on professional topics, to communicate with media, and to argue in detail and competently and argue. The certificate will give the right to study in college, to compete for vacancies, to enter preparatory courses in a medical university.

Preparation for exams in German: Goethe C1 and C2

Qualitative preparation for the exam Goethe-certificate C1 as a result will allow you to read the original texts – from the artistic to the highly professional. Also fluent speech without pauses and difficulties will become available, the ability to clearly and in detail express their opinions. Successfully passed exam will open the doors to higher educational institutions, will allow you to submit a resume for a highly paid job. Our preparation for the Goethe-Certificate C2 with native language teachers will allow us to quickly and completely understand spoken language and texts, write competently, using several sources, to talk on complex topics, using speech, complex words, phraseological units. This certificate opens all doors: you can study, work, lead an entrepreneurial or scientific activity and even teach in German schools.

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