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How do I get a free stuff?


Let’s give you one small tip today on how to get different differences for free.

There is a wonderful website:

It is very popular in Germany, usually looking for housing, jobs, new things, used things, etc. There is a wonderful section “I’ll give it to you for free”. Unlike your city’s website, where you’ll probably only find cats and old pianos, you can find a lot of useful things there.

For example, furniture. The fact is that the Germans do not often take the furniture with them when they move. Buying a new and more beautiful sofa on the spot is cheaper than transporting the old one through the floor of the country. So they give it away, so that somebody took it away.

Such furniture can often be found on the street. It doesn’t mean that it is defective, it’s just that the owner doesn’t need it anymore and he shares it with someone who needs it. In big cities like Berlin, you can fully furnish your apartment in a day without spending a penny.

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