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Germany Music Festivals


Who does not like to listen to music? And who does not like to listen to your favorite band live at a concert along with tens of thousands of Germans? If someone does not love, then you definitely will not like the weekly selection of the best music festivals in Germany from SpeakStarter, but we hope there are not many of them.

The Lollapalooza festival is one of the most famous festivals in the world. It is held every year in Chicago and defines the musical reality of modernity. It is also held in Berlin (in early September), collecting every year the most beloved performers from all over the world.

Let’s start with the two biggest rock festivals in Germany: Rock am Ring (on the Nürburgring race track in the Nürburg) Rock im Park (on the field for airships in the Bavarian Nürnberg). They usually take place in early June. Although the names “Nuremberg” and “Nürburg” are difficult to distinguish, but the distance between these cities is almost 400 km. The bands at both festivals are the same. Mostly heavy genres. The festival has been held for more than 30 years, every year collecting both German musicians and musicians from around the world. It often happens that tickets are bought up by zero and you have to go to another city to listen to the same music. Ticket for 3 days of the festival costs 200 euros. – Rock in the Park (Nuerburg); – Rock on the Ring (Nuremberg).

Two more major festivals with similar ideas are Zelt-Musik-Festival (tent music festival in Freiburg), which is held from July to August, and Zeltfestival Ruhr (tent festival in Ruhr – Bochum), which is held from August to September. These are the two largest festivals in Germany, each of which comes to 130 thousand people. Zelt-Musik-Festival has a music scene with performers, mainly from Germany, a scene with classical music, a children’s program and a club. Zeltfestival Ruhr – has a similar program: music (German, classical, foreign), children’s program, etc. – Zelt-Musik-Festival; – Zeltfestival Ruhr.

Continuing the tradition of presenting festivals in pairs, we present the Southside (Neuhausen-ob-Eck) and the Hurricane Festival (Schessel). These are the biggest festivals in the world of rock, alternative music, pop music, indie and everything mixed. The same situation as with the first festivals in the selection. The same performers, the same dates (end of June). You just have to decide where to get closer to you.

Well, for fans of something more narrowly focused in Germany, everything will be found: techno festival – Loveparade and Nature One, metal festival Wacken Open Air, festival Chiemsee Summer (hip hop, rock, electro), Sea Her Damit Festival, festival on the lake Kosmonaut Festival, where you should come not only for the sake of music, the festival for motorcycle enthusiasts and rock Pure & Crafted Festival, a festival whose organizers do not tell about the performers of the Feel Festival, the beach festival Helene Beach Festival.

To continue the list of festivals can still be very long. We just talked about the main. Performers at many festivals are repeated.

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