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Germany is bad!


I’m sick of this Germany already. We praise education, culture, standard of living and separate waste collection bins here. It all looks pretty unrealistic. So, for the balance of power, let’s not talk about the pros, but about what we might not like.


First of all, if you think that Germany is a year-round Oktoberfest – a celebration of beer, roast pork and funny leather pants with suspenders – then it is not. The festival is only held once a year and only in Bavaria. This is the Saaaamsee south of Germany. In the rest of the federal states, there is no such rampant “German” (read: Bavarian) culture. In Berlin, for example, it’s not that there are no one and a half litre glasses of beer anywhere, and in some places you only get a shameful 0.3.

Waste recycling

Don’t you want to worry too much about a clean environment? Do you think that organics should be in the same plastic urn? CAN’T TELL BROWN GLASS FROM DARK GREEN?! Then again, it’s not easy for you in Germany, because everything is collected separately. People who throw everything in the same container are found and punished. This also applies to saving electricity and water.


There are so many people in Germany who are not like you. And here, no one is trying to hide it. Yes, homosexual marriages are allowed here, there are many Muslim women walking down the street with their faces covered, there are black women, there are restaurants with national cuisine from all over the world, even those you have not heard about. You don’t have to like any of this. You can stay heternormal, not go to neighborhoods where people from other countries live and eat only European food. But to express your disgust and protest for the preservation of German culture is accepted at home in the kitchen. This is completely unacceptable and can be punished by law. Do not forget that we are all guests (except Germans). We’ve moved on.

Road restrictions

Uh, well, at least those who like to drive on high-speed, flat as the surface of the lake in calm weather, the autobahns are not threatened by anything. Actually, it’s not like that. There’s a lot of speed limiters. Where there’s 120, where there’s 90. And if you think of breaking it, you’ll get caught by the police, there’s no escape. And if you can’t see the cops, you’ve already been photographed by a camera and you can expect a fine. There’s a city limit of 50. And not 50 +/- 20, just 50.

Free education? No way!

We’ve talked so many times about free and affordable education. But! Don’t forget that everyone has to pay their rent and food. There are also semester fees to the university, expensive state insurance, passes, plane tickets, etc. And we haven’t even started talking about all the money that pays for the preparation and translation of documents for submission to the university and for the very filing. Have you forgotten about the blocked account of 10 thousand euros?


Do you like good service? Shops that are open 24/7? Polite staff in restaurants? Don’t you want the cashier and other customers of the store not to yell at you while you count the coins at the cash desk? No, sorry, Germany is not for you, it’s not customary here!

A strong state

The German state is very strong. The taxes are quite large. Some Germans pay 40% income tax. People are still being charged money for reparation (money that the Germans paid as a loser in World War II), money for German reunification, etc. All residents are obliged to buy insurances, even if they are never sick, to pay the house maintenance tax, church tax, home animal tax and many other things that you probably are not used to. The power of the state also applies to its bureaucratic apparatus. The German government is gradually abandoning paper money in favour of cards and bank deposits, which communicate with you in paper letters. Everything is done with the aim of greater control. Many simple things like renting a house or buying a SIM card are also controlled by the government. And the German police? They certainly don’t do anything arbitrary. But try to argue with them, negotiate with them or run away from them (the latter is dangerous for your health), you will understand that these are people without human feelings (on duty, so right).

This is the list we made. Perhaps one of you will have a list of your own.
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