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Germans on vacation


We all know the Germans as a very cultured and educated nation. They seem to be restrained in everything, including in the festivities. But there is a dark side. More specifically, this dark side is located in the Mediterranean Sea, east of Spain, and is called Mallorca.

About the Germans, vacationers in Mallorca, lay down legends. They say that noisier, drinking and walking tourists are no longer in any place on earth. Mallorca is often called the German province, or the 17th Bundesland, or the cottage for the Germans … And more specifically, we are talking about the resort settlement Arenal, where the number of guests from Germany, and, therefore, parties has long exceeded the critical maximum. Ballermanns Beach, divided into numbered areas, of which the most popular is Ballermanns No. 6, Oberbayern Club (Upper Bavaria), Magapark has already become legendary. Almost every German has been there. All this together is a Disneyland for adults.

The Germans are, to put it mildly, inadequate. They walk all night and burn, sleeping on the beach all day. The Germans are masters of tresting with towels. They do it from the night. Alcohol here is literally served by buckets. There they either put bottles of whiskey and cola, or pour a full bucket of sangria or beer. To transfer all the juice of local people does not allow us the moral and educational nature of our online school.

All tied up under the German tourists. Signs, advertising, names – all in German. The fact is that from Germany to Mallorca very cheap flights. That island itself is quite expensive for students. 3.4 million Germans visit this island every year.

The fact is that they cannot afford to create excesses in the territory of their beloved Federal Republic. Nobody in Germany will drink and sing all night long, shout in the streets, rattle bars and break all laws: drink alcohol in public places, litter, disturb public and moral (!) Order. Therefore, in their home in Germany they are exemplary family men, they work 11 and a half months a year, and then they come to Mallorca for two weeks to take their hearts. Or, as they call it, “die Sau rauslassen” – “release the pig.”

This place is ideal for you if you like rest, where you can’t relax and improve your health.

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