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German Wi-Fi



Good afternoon, today we chat with you a bit about Wi-Fi. Most likely, where you live, this is not a luxury, but something that is in any cafe, metro, and even outdoors. But in Germany there were always problems with this.

Here it is very hard to fight online crime and piracy. By the way, who provides wai-file services, in Germany, he is called WLAN, is responsible for what his clients will do on the network. Therefore, even if you can connect to the network, you will have to give a lot of your personal data and undergo a long registration.
Berlin U-Bahn Stations

Now the situation has already improved, for example, it’s free to connect to the network at all Berlin U-Bahn stations. The matter is that the legislation has abolished this norm and businessmen now are not afraid to receive huge penalties for pirate films, downloaded from their vayfaya.

It is interesting to know!

Today many talk about women’s position in society. We decided to investigate how things are going on in the progressive German-speaking countries of the EU.

Let’s start with a couple of historical facts. Earlier in Germany, a married woman was supposed to give her husband permission when she was employed. How do you think when you cancel this rule? Middle Ages 19th century? And no, in 1977.

In Germany, as in many European countries, there is such an option as toll-free Wi-Fi in the city. For example, some of the operators cover the whole city with a single wireless Internet network. You can connect from almost any point. You can buy yourself the right to use this internet for several hours, for a day, for a week, for a month. But such a proposal is rarely popular, because the prices for this Internet are the same as the mobile Internet, which you always carry with you. But connecting to a general urban network is easier than buying a card (if you’re a tourist).

The fight against online piracy is fairly active, and we strongly advise against downloading movies or torrent files from the home Internet, as you can learn about it and get a fine of 600 euros. But we will talk about it separately.

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